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Lianne Mueller: Creative Director

Lianne Mueller has been involved in creative direction, graphic design, and teaching design for the last 10 years. She started off with a Masters in Instructional Design with an Emphasis in Visual Design. Then became the Program Chair of Visual Design at Center for Electronic Arts.

From Center for Electronic Arts she became the Creative Director at Zing Networks where she drove the brand and mangaged a team of designers. After her time at Zing she moved on to be the Director of Digital Graphic Design at Expression College of Digital Arts. With her love for design and strategy she joined Fly Design.

Eric Grotke: Technical Director

Eric Grotke has been coding websites for five years and has been programming computers for over twenty years, his strengths include:

  • Hand coding websites with CSS and HTML.
  • Dynamic modular content utilizing integrated code (PHP, ASP) and online databases (MySQL).
  • User login, sessions, forms and online shopping.
  • Search engine optimization.
  • Integrated Flash animation with actionscript.
  • HTML formatted email.
  • Advanced image processing.
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